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What is DingTalk

DingTalk is a communication & collaboration platform.
DingTalk assists in boosting individual and the team’s efficiency
DingTalk provides an all-in-one office solution for you.
– Easy communication with IM and call feature
– Org-chart helps you easily manage your team
– Ding Drive provides efficient file management
– Ding Mail helps to send and receive email easily
– Free attendance system, mobile clock in
– Free approval system, all done on mobile
– Smart reports, provide the statistics you need
DingTalk helps you focus on work.
DingTalk is built for work. Other messangers like WhatsApp or Facebook Messangers are full of friends and family, easily distracted by other information. You don’t even know they are working or chatting with others.
Communicate efficiently
Send text, images, voice clip, and gif to express yourself properly.
DING, the best way to notify others.
Free voice call and video call to have meetings.
Independent teamspace
DingTalk helps you to organize all your data, including contacts, documents, emails, images and videos.
Makes your work more organized
Easily convert messages, emails and files into tasks. Never miss a single thing. All tasks and meetings will be synced to your Ding Calendar. Makes your work efficient and organized
Manage your team easily
Org-chart helps you find all your colleagues easily, without having to send them requests. Announcements help you get everyones attention and notify them about any important information.
DingTalk will automatically clock you in when you enter the office, based on either your GPS location or your office Wi-Fi. An attendance report will be automatically generated for managers & HRs to know the attendance status of teams and employees
DingTalk provide a free mobile approval system for you and your teammates. There are plenty of free available templates such as “leave”,”Business Trip”,”Overtime” etc. You can also customize your own approval template on DingTalk!

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