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SAAS services can be purchased based on the actual business scale of the enterprise, including the annual output value, the number of user terminals, and the software function modules. The software product will be continuously updated and improved in functionality and localization, helping to achieve business online organizational empowerment.

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Bought a software package but found it unusable?

Don't worry, MingSaaS is the perfect solution for growing construction companies' IT systems.

MingSaaS features are derived from MingERP, selected by the MingjianCloud Product Committee based on market needs and business development. It is suitable for small office teams of up to 50 people. It is also suitable for companies that are already using multiple business system software and only want to use MingSaaS to solve specific modules. Or if your company is in the growth phase and you are unsure if this software system is suitable for your development, MingSaaS is the perfect choice for you to explore and try.

MingSaaS and MingERP

After using MingSaaS for a period of time, it has integrated with DingTalk for online collaboration. You can try purchasing more value-added features. As your team grows rapidly, you may need to customize and develop more modules to involve more business and stakeholders in the system. You can easily upgrade from MingSaaS to MingERP. The main differences between them lie in the billing methods and services, as well as the support for personalized development and services.
MingERP and MingSaaS are both deployed on a network service similar to Alibaba Cloud, providing cost-effective and secure services at a financial level.

Unified and centralized communication and collaboration platform

Organize online communication online collaboration online

Core workflow module

Increase production value, users, and modules on demand

Ming Free version

The mission of MingjianCloud is to help customers succeed. We strive to serve 100,000 construction companies worldwide within 3 years. Through co-creation with more than 100 benchmark construction companies, we have launched our core products, MingERP and MingSaaS, globally, aiming to ignite a new wave of digitalization in the global construction industry.

Xiaobin Wang

MingjianCloud CEO

Want to switch your existing project management software?
No problem!

MingjianCloud's professional implementation and deployment experts can help you migrate data from your old system to MingSaaS. The existing cost data, as well as supplier information, purchase order data, and contract information, can be quickly applied to the new system, refreshing the core competitiveness of your enterprise.

Online Business + Data Intelligence

Innovative model: Integrated platform for online business and data intelligence (OA+PM). Selectable Saas product modules with lower investment cost, ready to use, powerful control and fine management, and real-time dynamic data updates.

Penetrate Enterprise and Project Business Data

Efficient and secure access to all data and information supporting business operations and management, comprehensive control of enterprise and project operating costs, dynamic updates and accumulation of experience and data, continuously optimizing and enhancing organizational efficiency and economic benefits.

Core Organization Upgrade

The system will fully assist in the work of core positions, enabling the doubling of enterprise output and performance based on the original organizational team: 1. General Manager/CEO; 2. CFO/Chief Economist/Chief Financial Officer; 3. Procurement Director; 4. Contract Manager; 5. Project Operation Director; 6. Site/Project Engineering Director; 7. Human Resources Director.

Cost-Effective, On-Demand Purchase

For organizations with more than 30 but not exceeding 50 employees, the cost of adding one person is $999 per year. For annual revenue of more than $5 million but not exceeding $30 million, the additional fee for each additional $5 million in annual revenue is $2,000.

MingSaaS makes deployment and implementation worry-free and simple

We provide our customers with more than just software products. From requirements research, installation, to personnel training, MingjianCloud's experienced consultants will be with you every step of the way.

Our professional customer experience team is dedicated to serving you throughout the technical deployment and implementation process, providing assistance and support.


Infrastructure deployment and service activation


Charging /value-added features, or other requirements research


Administrator training and feature configuration


User introductions and support services


Trial operation - Official launch


Continuous support services

Customize your enterprise's exclusive solution to make every approval decision have "business operation data"?

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Innovative Technology

Internal R & D team of MingjianCloud adheres to the concept of keeping improving, and constantly innovates and optimizes the technologies we lead the market. We are committed to providing solutions with the highest integration level, the most comprehensive functions and the best operation convenience for construction enterprises.

Leading market
Cloud technology

MingjianCloud latest generation Alibaba Cloud platform has excellent performance, safety and stability. While assisting customers to build a single standardized platform for multiple construction projects, we are also committed to helping customers reduce operating costs.

Very experienced
Localization team

Headquartered in China, MingjianCloud co-creates a network of localized consulting services in major countries around the world, and is committed to providing scalable solutions and efficient services to customers around the world.