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Digital solutions for medium & large construction enterprises.


Ming + Existing team = Double net profit


Digital Collaboration System for Organizational Empowerment for 50-2000 member office teams, 2-200 billion annual output construction companies, or project management consulting firms.

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Global IT system for large and medium-sized construction enterprises.


MingSaaS is an integrated information and data flow system that ensures coherence, efficiency, timeliness, and comprehensiveness in managing projects. By linking key economic indicators related to enterprises and projects, you can efficiently, safely, and transparently access all data and information that supports business operations and management. MingSaaS allows for comprehensive cost control of enterprise and project operations, with dynamic updates and accumulation of experience and data to continuously optimize and improve organizational efficiency and economic benefits. Furthermore, MingSaaS is deployed on a network service similar to Alibaba Cloud and has a financial-grade security service system.


Overall planning

All employees and whole process "online"
project life cycle control
centralized integrated network collaboration


Data integration

Intelligent integration of 6 types data
Seamless connection


Efficient and accurate

From B.Q. data of bidding
Synchronous budget Labor material machinery
Accurate progress and payment and settlement

MingjianCloud solutions allow us to optimize the work flow of individual positions, optimize the project cost and financial data structure, standardize the company's business management, and reduce unnecessary operating losses, as a result, the company's overall net profit increased by more than 48%.

Hengzhou construction Mr.He

Executive vice-president

Data intelligence Network collaboration

Business online + data intelligence

Innovative mode: business online + data intelligence (OA + PM) integrated platform. Low input cost, short implementation cycle, wider control, more fine control, and complete data connection.

Enterprise-level big-data decision support

n innovative enterprise-level big data system dynamically updates various types of data along with business processes and automatically summarizes them into reports, accounts, and Business Overview. This allows you to make better decisions faster.

Penetrating business data of enterprises and projects

You can access all data and information that support business operation and management efficiently, securely and transparently, control the overall operation costs of enterprises and projects, and constantly update and accumulate experience and data, constantly optimize and improve the organizational efficiency and economic benefits of enterprises.

Customizable system

Supports free import and export of existing data, flexible secondary development based on the actual business process-level business scenarios of enterprises, private deployment of systems, and third-party collaboration platforms DingTalk.

Original cost control technology

Whole-process cost control framework: cost budget control + business process control; Combined with the cost management mode of the construction industry, especially the housing construction industry, we have devoted ourselves to 17 years of product research and development and user accumulation, A unique core technology of innovative cost control.

Core organization reform

The system will fully assist core positions work, and the enterprise output value and performance will double on the basis of the original organization team to become a reality: 1. General Manager/President; 2. Chief Financial Officer/Chief Economist/Chief Financial Officer; 3. Procurement Director; 4. Contract Manager; 5. Project Management Director; 6. On-site/project engineering director; 7. HR director

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