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DingTalk Collaboration Office | Helping global construction enterprises digitalize

Organize Online, Communicate Online, Integrated Collaboration Platform

- With Alibaba's DingTalk, achieve perfect group/p2p communication online, collaborate on business processes based on online organizational permission rules, view and update data records, information materials, and more.

DingTalk Manual

500 Million Users, 19 Million Organizations, All on DingTalk

Digitization has transformed our daily lives in various ways. Today, DingTalk enables office workers to enjoy digital connectivity with just a tap of their fingertips. Over 20,000 global construction enterprises have embraced DingTalk to turn digital construction into a reality.

Work Made Simple, Efficient, and Secure

Online Organizational Relationships
Secure and reliable organizational address book, easily find colleagues
Achieve flattened and visualized organizational structure

Enhanced Organizational Communication Efficiency
Efficient and convenient organizational communication, ensuring mission accomplishment
Inspire individual creativity and innovation within the organization

Digitized Business Processes
Empower organizational digitalization and onlineization of business processes
Support efficient collaboration and accelerate organizational transformation

Safeguard Enterprise Information Security
ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management System
Financial-grade security measures for document and data protection

Provide Professional Solutions for the Construction Industry
Unified and centralized login collaboration platform
All-in-one business system integration and deployment platform

All construction projects achieve full-process, comprehensive management and intelligent cost and fund control. With the integration of DingTalk's approval, messaging, to-do, and group functions, the company has truly achieved comprehensive digital upgrade, resulting in significant cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Richard Ling

WJD Company, Malaysia

Anytime, Together with the Team

DingTalk simulates various office scenarios online, integrating a one-stop digital platform, transplanting offline work scenarios to online, making work efficient and easy.

Powerful Technological Support

DingTalk is regularly updated, keeping up with the times. It has internationally available multilingual versions and user-friendly feature designs, constantly exploring and improving user experience. With its strong and stable technological capabilities and platform resources, it continuously optimizes functions and redefines the way we work.

Role-based Solutions

Tailored solutions for finance, human resources, procurement, training, and other role-based groups, addressing various challenges encountered in office work, directly targeting pain points in enterprises, and promoting comprehensive progress in various tasks.

Efficiency Tools Tailored for Enterprises

OA approvals, OKR assessments, video conferences, business trip reporting, and more—all the commonly used functions are integrated into one platform, synchronously realized. With a fully open online work environment, negotiations and cross-department reporting can be conducted anytime, anywhere, greatly reducing time costs and improving work efficiency.

Dingtalk is providing multidimensional solutions for the global construction industry.


We are strategic partners of DingTalk and Alibaba architecture. By leveraging the DingTalk collaborative platform, we have truly achieved "Enterprise Online" in the construction industry. Network collaboration, intelligent data, and Ming have become the digital leaders for construction companies.

Mr. GuoDong Li


Leading innovative
science and technology

Internal R & D team of MingjianCloud constantly innovates and optimizes. We are committed to providing solutions with the highest level of digital integration, the most comprehensive functions and the best operation convenience for construction enterprises.

Leading market
Cloud technology

MingjianCloud latest generation Alibaba Cloud platform has excellent performance, safety and stability. While assisting customers to build a centralized and standardized platform for multiple construction projects, we are also committed to helping customers reduce operating costs.

Worry-Free Delivery

Digital transformation is a big project. From demand research, implementation & deployment to personnel training, experienced consultants & service delivery teams will provide services to customers throughout process, ensure seamless deployment of customers.