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Enterprise Management/bid management


Project-enterprise integration, internal & external collaboration

Bid management, enterprise multi-project management, customer management, project quality and safety management, supplier management, material price library, etc.

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Integrated Enterprise Big data helps you win more projects accurately and efficiently

Centralized management of multiple projects from the perspective of enterprises provides important data and business information reference for decision makers to make efficient and correct decisions. Whether you want to use project process management to establish a more refined cost control system, iteratively update the business management mode of the enterprise, and realize organizational change and empowerment, or quickly win more high-profit orders to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The management system of Ming construction enterprise can help you.


Cost Control covers enterprise & project
Project management & control from source
summarize all project data from perspective

Project-centered management

Multi-project iterative cost control system
indicators data compared to quickly review
make sure delivering quality and safety

Improve management efficiency

Connect each functional module & teame
Break data wall & department wall
core data assets & core competitiveness

Since Hunan education Construction used Ming system in 2021, it has helped us solve the problems of four streams in one and data sharing in fiscal and tax management, and realized the online control of project cost, the project cost risk is greatly reduced and refined management is realized.

Mr. Chang Liu

Hunan education construction group

Bid management makes bid faster

Ming simplifies your bid flow and collaborates with the team to complete the bid preparation on one platform. Send out the tender documents within a few minutes, easily create, manage and improve the bid efficiency, and directly submit the bid bond information to the financial department. Avoid bidding risks and improve the bid winning rate and profits.

Enterprise + multi-project management mode

Take cost control as the purpose and implement project management as the center. Input Multiple project information according to the actual business, incorporate the recorded project into the overall management system, record all business processes and data, decision approval business management information, and record and form enterprise data assets at the same time.

Advanced Data Analysts

Ming uses budget + business + contract + Fund + invoice + schedule to manage 6-in -1 mode. The built-in business process management model generates data during business execution and performs fine-grained cost control at the same time, project management analysis, forming various data assets such as data Guide, statement, Ledger, etc.

Client management

Centralized management of employer's information and employer's key information such as the main personnel of project undertaking, project consulting and management institutions, etc., in order to timely synchronize dynamic cooperation information and the latest records within the organization, quickly and efficiently connect, create new business value.

Project quality and safety management

The quality security check is mobile and multi-party cooperation forms a closed loop. The quality security mobile check takes photos and submits the rectification process at any time when problems are found. Multi-party online collaboration to discover, Rectify, recheck, and form a closed loop of problems. You can view the details of each data record.

Supplier Management

Establish supplier information base, input basic information, and update data at any time for future cooperation. The supplier comprehensive evaluation index system can be comprehensive, specific and objective evaluation. According to historical data, inquiry actions can be completed in batches to dynamically identify the advantages and disadvantages of various suppliers.

Material price database

Material price database is to accumulate material data information in the completed procurement business process, help customers establish enterprise data assets, and empower enterprise material data management capabilities. It can help you quickly query similar materials, quickly complete inquiry comparison, reasonably determine procurement costs, and effectively use historical data for cost control.

The overall idea of the system is "online", and all employees of the company are online. The project is integrated with the enterprise, with the purpose of cost control, all the businesses are managed online, all the staff of the company, the whole process of the project, the budget, contract flow, capital flow, business flow, invoice flow, and progress data are all connected, and dynamic data is generated in the business process.

Mr. Mark Zhang

Overseas market Business Unit

Build an enterprise-level big data platform to optimize enterprise management!

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