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Control all processes to ensure progress


Through the whole process of project management: project revenue and expenditure contract, labor recording, construction area, material management, mechanical shift, image progress management, project plan, Bill management, payment application.

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The budget is consistent with the execution data and the account is consistent with the actual situation.


Through the refined management of the whole life cycle of the project, the system integrates the information flow and data flow, and comprehensively manages the project in a coherent, efficient, timely and comprehensive manner, including all links of cost budget, materials and equipment, and contract management. Achieve progress node, quality visualization, cost quantification, construction standardization, management data, knowledge sharing, Operation mobility, project parallelization, and achieve the management objectives of quality enhancement, efficiency improvement, and cost reduction.


Overall planning

Information integration, real-time transmission, and efficient utilization
Using data to improve project management process
safety & quality & cost are under control


Data integration

Budget + business contract funds invoice + progress data integration
Dynamic monitoring of cost data from two perspectives: Account and contract
Project Data Overview and data integration during Operation execution


Accurate Delivery

Schedule Management and achievement rate management actively promote delivery
Disclosure and data dynamic member synchronization according to established rules
Timely data to ensure customer/supply performance interim progress payment

After using Ming system, the company's approval flow has all realized online office work, greatly reducing the time cost, improving the efficiency of organizational communication, and realizing the integration of contract, output value, payment and invoice, the precision and accuracy of the work are greatly improved.

Mr. Dongfang Zhao

Managing director
Hunan First Construction

Contract management

High contract control efficiency-The data is fully connected, and the budget of the related projects, the plan of human resources and machines, the early warning of the upper and lower limits of cost control, the settlement of the financial and machine expenses of the related people, the payment application, and the follow-up feedback of the implementation situation; contract execution 360-degree full-view Association, and automatically generate contract ledger.Approval collaboration online-Use contract templates to eliminate article vulnerabilities; Lead online approval in real time.

Funds/Bill management & settlement/payment

Strengthen the controllability of each link of capital turnover, and flexibly use capital settlement tools to settle the expenditure and improve the effect of capital use. From the management concept, strengthen the cost management awareness of full participation. Strengthen the management of all kinds of bills and vouchers, and upload all kinds of vouchers in the form of attachments in the work cooperation process to ensure that they pass the buck and wrangling afterwards, and eliminate the possibility of litigation from the source. Perfect settlement system, standardize settlement process, reasonably determine and control costs. The contract-payment-Bill corresponds one by one, and the paid and unpaid situation is clear at a glance to avoid overpayment, wrong payment and disputes.

PO and material management

Material procurement and management combined with budget cost and construction progress is the key to realize the goal of engineering cost process management. Construction Site Material Management is also the guarantee of production safety, speeding up construction progress, ensuring project quality, reducing project cost and improving economic benefits. Timely discover and solve the problems such as non-saving materials, non-metering in and out of the warehouse, overuse of materials and high waste rate in production.

Mechanical shift and equipment management

Through mechanical shift and equipment management, reduce the amount of mechanical shift consumed in construction as much as possible, and improve the utilization rate and intact rate of mechanical equipment through reasonable construction organization and mechanical allocation. At the same time, strengthen the repair and maintenance of on-site equipment, reduce major repair, regular repair, etc.

Project construction plan and progress

The online construction schedule planning module comprehensively improves the construction organization design and positively affects the construction speed, cost and quality. Combined with the inspection of construction plan, control various construction activities such as construction progress and construction period, and surround and adapt to the requirements of construction progress plan. Ensure the continuity and equilibrium of the construction process, strictly enforce the requirements of the construction period stipulated in the contract, improve the completion rate,

Labor record management

Data sharing-Meet the actual needs of real-name service management. Assist construction enterprises to quickly establish labor personnel information files and realize real-time sharing of Labor data. avoid disputes -let the enterprise grasp the employment situation in real time, avoid labor disputes, and safeguard the interests of both the enterprise and the labor.

How to reduce costs and ensure progress in refined lifecycle project management?

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