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Enterprise Decision Support Data Analysis

Providing decision analysis tools for enterprises to achieve organizational transformation and empowerment

Functions including approval workflow, project management analysis, company management analysis, contract income and labor ledger, document management, Amoeba management mode, customer, subcontractor, supplier, group affiliated company management, etc., aim to provide decision analysis tools for enterprises and achieve efficient collaborative work.

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Boosting Business Management Efficiency - The Ultimate Weapon for Core Leadership

The system automatically generates a navigational chart for all the categories needed in the management and operation of construction projects, which serves as an efficient tool for core leadership in construction enterprises to make management decisions. It provides a clear view of all necessary data, such as accounts receivable and payable, cost dynamics, whether costs have exceeded budgets, project progress, cash flow, and more. Depending on the permission rules, all data for each project, subsidiary, and the entire group is presented directly.

Graphical Data Overview

Automatically summarizes key economic data for various projects
Quick statistical prompts for management to identify issues
Dynamic red warning when cost exceeds budget

Intelligent Business Reports

System built-in commonly used financial cost reports
Customize various business reports as needed
Immediately obtain real-time dynamic data summary

Data Core Asset

Automatically updates material price library/supplier evaluation system
Optimizes management iteration with full-process record of approval communication
Project management data ledger automatically summarizes and archives

Approval Workflow

Self-built approval workflow supports flexible design of approval process, with flexible and stable system integration. Data is analyzed and summarized according to business needs, providing decision-making support with reasonable presentation of data.

Built-in General
Business Management Reports

System built-in reports (main contract/bid ledger, personnel-material-machinery control list summary, project settlement follow-up list, project cost month, engineering payment details, various settlement situations). Support customization.

System Output
Core Data Assets

Provide support for enterprise management and team optimization, comprehensive data and decision records throughout the process, allowing retrospective iteration to be closer to facts, transparently identify problems and hidden risks, and accurately pinpoint key issues.

Amoeba Joint Venture
Management Model

Comprehensive process management within the company, dividing small project organizational units, providing multidimensional monitoring and management functions for project progress, cost, quality, and more, achieving more efficient and refined project management.


Management of customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and affiliated companies within the group, supporting rapid import of subcontractor and supplier information, and supporting internal subcontracting scenarios.

Common Management

Various functional modules of the system include enterprise income and expenditure contract ledger, project income and expenditure contract ledger, supplier ledger, enterprise income and expenditure ledger, project progress plan ledger, and warehouse ledger.