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Budget List Import, Dynamic Warning to Control Costs, Expand Management Radius

Enterprise subject template management, project cost management subject setting, target cost preparation, dynamic monitoring, approval decision data integration, dynamic data instant snapshot presentation, cost budget smart warning, etc.

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Current situation and difficulties in construction project cost management

1. Difficulty in implementing target cost and contract planning; 2. Uncontrolled changes and visas affecting project profits; 3. Long settlement cycles and delayed settlements; 4. Uncontrolled dynamic cost processes and inaccurate data; 5. Difficulty in controlling output and capital; 6. Difficulty in sedimentation of cost data.

Main ways of cost control

Contract Control

Control key issues and processes in the contract template library
Contract planning warning/contact order control
Change/supplement/visa included in control

Dynamic Process Control

Cost estimation takes the lead, and subject library is used for control
Warning of financial and cost planning
Monitoring of subject/contract from both perspectives, with strong warning control

Payment Execution Control

Contract budget controls payment execution
Integrated control of business and finance in the contract and execution process
Cost review and settlement progress tracking

"Our projects are relatively scattered. After using the Ming system, the management of all project information, contract management, cost analysis, budgeting, settlement, financial fund payment, and invoice management of the company have been online. Until now, none of the projects entered into the system have incurred actual economic losses due to cost management being out of control."

Mr. Tang Shiliang

Hengzhou Construction

An integrated cost control model that provides solid foundation for procurement, contracting, settlement, and payment.

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