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Instructions for using Ming Demo Experience

To ensure you have a smooth experience, please read the following information first to quickly understand us.

We are looking for construction companies that will become industry benchmarks.

We have successfully deployed and implemented “MingSaaS” and “MingERP” for thousands of construction companies with office teams of 20 to 5000 people. The MingSaaS system is perfectly matched with clients with an annual output value of 30 million to 800 million US dollars. When the output value is larger, we need to deploy the MingERP system independently in a private cloud or hybrid cloud, and optimize and customize more functional modules according to business needs to meet the operational scale and business needs of the enterprise.

MingSaaS is a system that creates miracles for thousands of excellent construction companies. It has turned around a company that has been losing 20 million US dollars annually, and has also helped a company increase its annual output value from 300 million US dollars to 600 million US dollars on the existing workforce, and changed the chaotic management of the enterprise. We have also successfully launched the English version of Ming for more than ten European and American management system construction companies with an annual output value of several hundred million US dollars.

When you open our page, you will find that our software is unparalleled. It perfectly matches the real business scenarios of construction companies, with WYSIWYG, and has the best cost-effectiveness. It can control risks, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profits. Let’s verify it together…

What you see in the WEB experience site is only a business application. The deployed formal system is a complete system that includes organization online, communication online, collaboration online, business online, and ecology online. It can include all the functions described on the website and those we are developing. You can choose the free “DingTalk” or “WeCom” as the collaboration platform, or you can choose other platforms, but you may need to pay additional software usage fees and development and deployment costs .
(the picture shows Ming mounted on the DingTalk collaboration platform).

1. About DingTalk
1.1. The demo site processed by the technical personnel does not need to be opened in DingTalk, so you can directly view the business system in a web browser.
DingTalk is a collaborative work platform operated by a Singaporean company under Alibaba. Ming software is deployed on cloud services, and the system has achieved financial-level security.
1.3. For enterprises with less than 100 people, the basic functions that we can use in DingTalk are all free. But if, for example, you want to use more than 100GB of shared cloud storage, you need to pay.
1.4. The free functions have surpassed most paid project management systems. Compared with the Ming system, what DingTalk needs is business usage scenarios and data integration models.

Anytime, with the team

DingTalk simulates various office scenarios online and integrates a digital one-stop platform to migrate offline work scenarios online, making work more efficient and simple.

Efficiency tools designed for enterprises

OA approval, OKR assessment, video conferencing, business trip reporting, and other common functions are implemented simultaneously based on one body. The fully open online office environment enables multi-party negotiation and trans-department reporting anytime and anywhere, greatly reducing the time cost and improving the work efficiency.

2. It is recommended to use a computer for the best experience.

We recommend using a computer for the best experience as the program has not been developed for PAD interfaces, and there may be compatibility issues on mobile devices. We strongly suggest browsing and experiencing the system according to the following business lines, and try to avoid entering new data, modifying information content, or changing approval status in the system. Please do not save any important data in the demo system as the system will be cleared and reset every week.

Mobile Project Analysis:
The following are screenshots of the “2023 Demo” project analysis section.

Computer Project Analysis:

The following is the full-length image of the “2023 Demo” project analysis.

3. Please select a project.
The system is project-centered, so when the project selection box appears, we must first select the project before browsing and operating the relevant data. Below are screenshots of only three scenes.

3.1 Income contract signing.

3.2 Expenditure contract signing.

3.3 Confirmation of purchase order.

4. Innovative real-time photo-taking function.
At critical project management milestones or when critical data is generated and requires approval decisions, the system will generate dynamic data in real-time. Once generated, it will not change unless it is returned for resubmission.
The purpose of the real-time photo-taking function is to trace data, reproduce decision-making basis, and facilitate internal decision-making teams to review, identify problems, and improve (PDCA).

Examples include income and expenditure contract settlement, income and expenditure contract performance confirmation, payment applications, output value declaration, and so on. Below are screenshots of only two usage scenarios.
4.1. Income contract settlement

4.2. Payment application

5. Other Content
[Menu Navigation and Features] The functions of Amoeba Management and Control Center, Risk Management, Bid Management, and Labor Wage Calculation by Quantity currently have complete Chinese versions, and their English versions will be gradually released.
[Currency and Statistical Units] The system defaults to only one currency and does not currently support settlement between currencies. Current statistical data are measured in ten thousand yuan, and we are seeking partners to collaborate on customized needs.
[Workflow Configuration] Purchasing users can configure the approval workflow with the assistance of our successful consultants, who will provide video tutorials.
[Demonstration and Pre-sale Consultation] Ming’s product does not have a complete international pre-sale support team. It is best if your team has technical personnel who can communicate in Chinese so that you can enjoy a larger discount. In the early stages, we can use email as a communication channel with English as the working language. After confirming that the product meets your needs, we can demonstrate the system for you. Please forgive us for only providing English versions of the operation manual during the early stages of communication. You can also browse the operation guide on the website “Operation Guide“.
6. Quiz
To save your valuable time, please answer the following questions before entering the experience site and remember them when using it.
6.1 If there is no data in the page list of the experience site, is it a system problem? How to deal with it?
A. It may be a system problem or there may be no data entered.
B. Please confirm whether the item selection box appears on the page and whether the item selection box in the upper left corner of the page is selected (our answer).

6.2 This experience site has no organizational structure. How can my colleagues and I collaborate when using the system formally?
A. Ming is just an application, and it seems that it cannot support team collaboration.
B. Ming is a cloud application that can be used with collaboration platforms such as “DingTalk”, “WeCom”, and “Slank” to achieve organizational collaboration. DingTalk and WeCom provide free versions, and they have hundreds of millions of users and tens of millions of organizations using them (our answer).

6.3 The data in the gray background confuses me. How should we understand it?
A. It is dynamic system data, and it seems that they are not correct.
B. It is the data displayed when the approval is initiated and the system takes a snapshot. Once generated, it will not change unless it is returned for re-initiation (our answer).

6.4 We have a team of less than 10 people now. What problems will we encounter?
A. Digital systems should be able to better help the management team and business of construction enterprises, and a team of 10 people will be better supported.
B. Ming recommends that you implement it in an office team with more than 20 people, or you should only use some functions, such as procurement management and warehouse management (our answer).

6.5 I want a sales consultant to demonstrate the website system for me, or let a customer success consultant use French to train us on system operation.
A. Ming needs to provide a multilingual version. Most employees of common African construction companies are French native speakers, and French should be the international working language.
B. Ming currently only has Chinese and English versions. After purchase, it can provide an operation manual in English. Currently, only a few companies are using the English version of Ming. Ming, which has a high cost performance, expects to cooperate fully with companies that appreciate the system (our answer).

6.6 I want to save some basic setting information in the experience system and have deployment engineers migrate our data to our formal system in the future.
A. The demonstration system data can be imported and exported, and Ming should be able to support it.
B. You can export it by yourself, but Ming Demo is mainly a demonstration system, and it will be reset regularly, so the security of the data cannot be guaranteed (our answer).

6.7 Does the system support currency conversion? Why is the statistical unit “Ten Thousand”?
A. As an international construction company, customers and suppliers typically settle in multiple currencies, and the system should support this. The statistical unit of the system is “Ten Thousand” and is difficult to change.
B. The system currently does not support settlement in multiple currencies, but if you are willing to pay, Ming will develop a module to support multiple currency settlement within two weeks after confirming the requirements. (Our answer)

Thank you for your interest in the “Ming Demo” system. To proceed to our “Ming Demo,” please send the answers to the above questions, such as “BBBBBB,” along with a brief introduction of your company, to our customer email at “” We will promptly reply with the “Ming Demo” address to help you access our live application.

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