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Customer Support

Ming's existing customers or users please see the customer support contact information below, so that we can convey your questions to the relevant responsible personnel for handling.

Problems or feedback?

We will respond immediately to solve the problem for you. Customer success is our greatest motivation!

FAQ frequent answer question

We have prepared FAQs and related documents that help solve common problems.

User and technical support

If you encounter use or technical problems, you can send Email to To feedback problems and propose requirements.

Send messages to support teams

New message! Whatsapp users can now send messages to our customer support team through Whatsapp.

scan QR code below and contact us.

China Mainland Market Hotline

If you are a China mainland market customer:
Customer Success Center
Mr. Liu(+86)186 1255 9203。

Overseas market Business Unit

If you have any questions or need to provide secondary development services, you can send Email to ,to feedback problems and propose requirements。
You can also call directly:
Overseas market Business Unit
Mark(+86) 139 2527 6033

SAAS product operation center

Saas product feedback,or purchase payment modules, value-added modules, and product upgrades, you can send Email to ,to feedback problems and propose requirements。