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5.3 Material-(Order-Settlement-Payment)

This section provides an operational guide for settlement based on purchase orders, only applicable to public payment business scenarios. For personal cash purchases, please refer to the reimbursement business scenario.
1. Contract purchase orders
2. Small batch purchase orders without contract (Buy on a piecemeal basis)

Part A. Check Purchase Order

Part B. Material Receipt Confirmation

Part C. Material Settlement Confirmation
Material settlement can be carried out through contract settlement (material contract settlement) or non-contract settlement (Buy on a piecemeal basis). Click on the respective options based on actual situation.

1. Material contract settlement

2. Public sporadic purchase settlement

Settlement documents approved include the material contract settlement (for material contract settlement) and the non-contract settlement document (for public sporadic purchases).

Part D. Invoice Collection Confirmation (For Contract Procurement, Please Upload Formal Invoice as Attachment on Payment Application Page)
Path: [Finance] – [Bill Management] – [Ticket Collection Registration]
Explanation: The invoice collection function includes the registration of formal invoices and other collected receipts such as delivery notes, taxi receipts, train tickets, and other vouchers waiting for reimbursement. If there is a contract, only formal invoices are registered for public payment. If there is no contract, the registered documents will be used for personal reimbursement.

Part E. Payment Application Confirmation
Path: [Finance] – [Fund Application] – [Payment Application]

1. Payment Application for Material Contract

2. Payment Application for Contract-free Public Procurement Orders

Payment application after approval.

Part F. Payment Registration Confirmation
Path: [Finance] – [Fund Payment] – [Payment Registration]


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