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2.1 Project Management-Project information

Please note that the system manages data based on projects. You must enter project information first when starting project management.

2.1 Project Information
Step 1. Click on the top navigation to enter the “Project” management module.
Step 2. Click on the left navigation bar to enter the “Project information” function.
Step 3. Open the project data list page, click the lock icon next to the project name on the left, follow the prompts to open the data modification lock, and an “Edit” link will appear at the end of the line. Click to enter the project information modification page. Alternatively, you can directly click “+ add” in the upper right corner to create a new project.
1. The lock icon will appear in front of all information that has been approved in the system and will be displayed in blue. After unlocking, the lock icon will be displayed in yellow, and only the revision person specified during the unlocking process can modify the unlocked information.
2. The lock permissions must be strictly controlled and owned by specific administrators in the company. Please contact your customer consultant for the administrator operation guide after purchasing.

If you choose to re-approve and specify yourself as the reviser, a link to unlock the project modification will appear in the list after unlocking. After deleting all project-related data, you can delete the project information. Please be cautious when deleting information and data in the system.

Step 4. Please select/fill in the relevant project information on the opened page and click the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the screen to save or submit for approval by relevant decision makers.

Note: “*” denotes a required field. If project category information and customer information do not appear in the selection list, please click “+ Add” at the bottom of the dropdown list for maintenance and input.

Step 5. In the pop-up window for selecting the approver’s organization, please select the organizational team role identity for this project in the organization on the collaboration platform so that the approval process can be automatically submitted to the corresponding approver. The project architecture is generally maintained in the collaboration platform organization before project entry, such as the DingTalk management background (the pictures in this tutorial are all screenshots based on the DingTalk collaboration platform).

Step 6. After submitting the approval workflow, please check the approval progress in real-time, especially in the early stages of system deployment, you may need to remind relevant personnel to log in to the organization, open the application, and perform approval actions.

We have a powerful approval workflow management system that can configure the process according to conditions. For the configuration of the approval workflow, please refer to the administrator’s operation guide.
The approval process will display the decision-making data required by the company’s decision-making management personnel in different approval scenarios, including basic information, budget data, revenue and expenditure situations, cost situations, and so on.

Step 7. After all process participants have approved, you will receive a notification of approval completion. The approval status information of the project will also be modified to “Approved”. At this time, the project information is enabled and can be used in other management functional pages.

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