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save time &
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Control costs
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Online business
Data Assets

Construction Enterprise IT system

Integration of data on enterprise and project level breaks boundaries and data isolation. Data during business processes is unified completely and updated in real time, improving efficiency in decision-making.

System reduces the risks of capital and operation, and helps enterprises control the cost during construction, making it possible to double net profit.

System connects teams anywhere and generates data in process, which becomes assets.

Reconstruction of construction enterprises

MingjianCloud , using advanced digital Internet technologies, breaks the department wall and data wall, enables cooperation internally and externally and thus helps global construction enterprises realize interconnection. Real-time data generated during the project turns into assets with the assistance from the built-in analytic model. Digitization rebuilds construction enterprises by changing their mindset into the improvement of efficiency in cooperation and operation.

Strategic cooperation and co-creation

We have strategic partnership with DingTalk and WeCom. Ming is mounted on such third-party platforms, bringing convenience in login and use. We implant management experience from co-creative clients (like WJD and Alibaba REOS) to better user experience and increase system value.

200+ functional business scenarios

Cost control is the core value of MingjianCloud,covering enterprise operation and project management. It realizes the dynamic management of cost and budget from plan to implementation.
Schedule + Budget + Invoice + Fund + Contract + Business flow

DingTalk basic carrying platform

As a unified and centralized operation and management platform, Ming provides security on financial level, based on DingTalk, allowing online group and private chats. It also synchronizes data, records and information generated and retained in the process.

Organizational Reform and Empowerment

Ming liberates leaders from some work, making it possible to realize efficient internal management and take more businesses. Charts generated from accumulated real-time statistics support middle and senior leaders to make decisions. Standard process, data and information are sent directly, no need for waiting, coordinating, meeting and data collecting.

Enterprise digital assets output

Ming produces core digital assets such as price and cost databases, as well as cost and decision-making process. Historical data, labor, material and machinery costs are accessible despite personnel change. Data helps to find the best solution through quick and accurate calculation. Experience in project management and digital assets evolve to optimize the management and process..

Service Support System

We attaches great importance to products and services, so 90% of our new customers are brought by old customers and investors. Training and assistance supports the import and export of old data. Daily support through email, DingTalk and Whatapp provides timely response in working hours and response within 7 hours during non-working hours.


Ensuring success of customers in construction enterprises is our mission.


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